Bengal To Increase Fish Production


Kolkata: The State Government has taken some major steps to revive fisheries in Bengal. Its Fisheries Department has planned to increase the production of local fish species and cultivate endangered ones.

Fisheries Minister Chandranath Sinha said, “Our department has taken many steps to boost fish production. The Chief Minister has asked us to come up with a comprehensive plan for the next five years. We are also making plans for the next 10 years.”

“In our state, the demand for fish is huge. Our Chief Minister has ordered fish cultivation to be increased in our State. So we have decided to increase fish production,” the minister added.

“We are working on some new breeds of fish. We have planned to use at least one large waterbody in every district to cultivate different kinds of fishes,” Sinha added.

Meanwhile, the department has set up laboratories in almost one-third of the blocks in West Bengal where people can get the soil and water in their local water bodies tested free of cost and get suggestions from agricultural scientists on how to improve the water bodies.

They will also get information about what kinds of fishes should be cultivated there. The minister said that within the next few years, every block in the State will have laboratories to assist farmers and fishermen.