Bengal Tiger Cub Dies in Crimea Zoo


Moscow: A Bengal tiger cub has died in Yalta as the animals there suffer from cold.  The reason of it was a power outage. The cutoff has lasted for two weeks after the lines taking electricity from Ukraine to the peninsular were disrupted by activists protesting Crimea’s secession.

The zoo has been struggling to keep temperatures stable. The cubs being wrapped up in blankets with warm heat sources like candles. But nothing has given sufficient warmness. Currently the zoo is powered by two smaller generators, with the bigger-sized one out of order as of December 1. Problems with spare parts mean it can’t be fixed at the moment.

“We’ve failed to maintain the temperature regime,” Oleg Zubkov, the director, told RIA Novosti. “These were white Bengal tiger cubs, they are very particular about the warmth.”

The cub, who died at the ‘Skazka’ zoo, is actually the infant of ‘Tigrulya’ (diminutive for ‘tiger’), the famous albino cub gifted to the zoo by former Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko in 2009. Bengal tigers are quite exotic, with only about 140 of the species believed to exist in Russia.