Bengal Teens Pushed Into Flesh Trade Under Pretext of Taj Mahal Trip


Agra: The mesmerising Taj Mahal, considered a monument of love across the world, is being used as bait by sex traffickers to catch young girls from far flung parts of the country and push them into the flesh trade reports Mail Today.

Authorities have rescued six Muslim teenagers belonging to the tribal Sunderbans area of West Bengal, who were trapped by a prostitution syndicate with the offer of taking them on a tour of the stunning 17th Century mausoleum in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra city.

The girls, aged between 17 and 19, say they didn’t inform their families. They were first brought by bus to the Sealdah Railway Station in Kolkata, then by train to New Delhi, later Ghaziabad and finally to Agra’s red-light area of Kashmiri Bazaar.

When the girls raised questions about the suspicious location, their traffickers allegedly said, “This is your Taj Mahal. You have been sold. Be prepared to live all your life here now.”
Lack of livelihood means takes thousands of girls and boys out of Bengal’s border areas every year. While some girls are exploited as poorly paid and abused housemaids, several others end up in Delhi’s GB Road and other red-light areas in India.

Investigators say though shocking, this is just a new modus operandi in fetching girls from one of the most impoverished areas of India – North and South 24 Parganas. Innocent young girls – who survive on barely two meals a day, have little or no education and haven’t seen anything beyond their small villages – are most desperate to escape to bigger cities andtowns.

“We received a missing complaint from one of the girl’s mother on March 24 following which we put her mobile on surveillance. We discov-ered that the number was active in Uttar Pradesh, Agra,” said assistant sub-inspector Prabir Boll of the Mathurapur Police Station in West Bengal.

“Unfortunately, by the time we could establish links with our counterparts there and organise decoy customers, the girls had already been much exploited. They had been beaten with lathis and brooms, repeatedly raped and threatened into submission.”
The girls were rescued from the tiny, dark and foul-smelling bunkers and tunnels in the brothel on May 23, and at least 13 people have been arrested till now including the lady bordello owner, Meena, he added. The girls were sent home with the Bengal police team only on Friday.

“Agra has become a crucial junction in the trafficking triangle of Bengal, Delhi and Mumbai. This is like a sabzi mandi where girls are brought and traded, with the fact that it is a heavy tourist spot providing them easy cover or camouflage,” said BS Tyagi, circle officer of the Chhata Police Station in Agra, which raided the brothel.

“Girls are taken several kilometres away so that language becomes a barrier and they cannot talk to police or customers. Bengali girls are brought to UP and UP girls taken to interiors of Bengal. It’s a highly organised business with tentacles spread far and wide,” he informed.
Rishi Kant, co-founder of the anti-human trafficking NGO, Shakti Vahini, which counselled the victims, said, “These girls told us that they were taken in an AC bus from Ghaziabad to Agra which shows that these people have money power also.”

According to government data, almost 20,000 women and children were victims of trafficking in India in 2016, a rise of nearly 25 per cent from the previous year, with the highest number of cases recorded in West Bengal. Ajay Ranade, IG South Bengal, told Mail Today over the phone: “Sadly, human trafficking is a rampant problem in the state. For the same reason we have recently started the Swayamsiddha (self-empowered) programme in class VIII to XII in 500-700 schools in our area.

We hold counseling classes and have set up drop boxes in schools so that girls can report to us if they are being forced into child marriage or if any boy is stalking or harassing them. Men often coerce gullible schoolgirls into sharing their mobile numbers, then taking them out for a drink or snacks and mix sedatives in them. By the time the girls wake up, they are already on the way to Delhi or Mumbai.”

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