Bengal Saffron Brigade Is ‘Good For Nothing’: Rahul Sinha


Kolkata: Former BJP President Rahul Sinha has coveyed ‘good for nothing’ message to the party leaders- workers of West Bengal. Political concerns considered the statement as significant just before the panchayat election. He did not exclude himself.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had a meeting in ICCR. Several important social welfare rural schemes of Central Government have been discussed in the meeting. Those were the prime focus of the meeting. Rahul Sinha was there in the meeting.

He mentioned in his speech that,” our neighbouring state Tripura is mostlyled by Bengali. BJP has formally started their journey in Tripura. But i was not present in the ceremony as we could not succeed being in the birthplace of Syama Prasad Mukherjee.”

বঙ্গ বিজেপিকে কেন ‘অপদার্থ’ বলছেন প্রাক্তন সভাপতি?

“Many states are celebrating debut journey of BJP. We feel the pain of not achieving the victory.”, he added. Prior to the Panchayat Election BJP is promoting the rural schemes of central government to make the pre-election process more effective. This is the only process to penetrate in West Bengal.

He made the firm declaration, “Still there is a golden chance of win through the use and promotion of rural schemes. Party should utilise the opportunity.”