‘Bengal Rejects Modi’, CPM Lashes Out At PM


Bankura: The CPM party has used the social media platform to lash out at the saffron party since Monday. Not only the official facebook page of CPM Bankura district committee, but the party cadres and supporters have been attacking the BJP party through their own facebook, twitter and whatsapp accounts.

The supporters did not leave any leaf unturned to criticise the West Bengal chief minister. Using hash tags such as #DidiBhaiModiBhai and #BengalRejectsModi, they have tried to reach a larger mass of people.

সোশ্যাল মিডিয়ায় মোদী বিরোধিতায় সরব সিপিএম

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was not only criticised for his foreign trips, but several other things too. The PM was criticised for the journalist murdered in Tripura, hike in petrol price, farmer suicides, demonetisation, ongoing scams such as the PNB fraud case. The Institute of Eminence tag provided to the Jio Institute was also harsly criticised.

The Modi government was termed as “Dhappabaj Sarkar” which roughly translates to a fraud government for failing to provide 15 lakhs of money in every citizens’ account, as promised by the PM.

On this way of criticism, a district party leader pointed out that nowadays, every one possesses a smart phone. He also added that the social media is playing an important role as a medium of the masses, for which their messages are reaching out to the people in a short period of time. He further said that this was the reason why they were using the social media as a platform to spread their messages.

Criticising this move by the CPM, BJP district(Bankura) president Vivekananda Patra said that the entire state has already rejected the CPM party. They are not being able to reach to the people for which they are using the social media. He also called the CPM party as the ‘India’s Marxist Facebook Party.”