Bengal Polls More Or Less Peaceful: Vivek Dube


Kolkata: Special police observer for West Bengal Vivek Dube on Thursday described the ongoing phase two Lok Sabha polls in the three constituencies as “more or less” peaceful, with “small incidents”.

“We are trying to do our best,” Dube said as Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri and Raiganj went to the hustings.

Asked whether polling was proceeding peacefully, Dube said: “More or less, yes. Small incidents will always occur. But there is no big incident which has occurred.”

He said in booth number 180 under the Chopra segment of Darjeeling constituency, villagers who had refused to vote unless central police forces were deployed, later exercised their democratic right under the protection of the security forces.

“In Chopra, those voters voted in the protection of the security forces. They were taken to the polling booth, and they voted,” Dube added.