Bengal Poll: Rahul Gandhi Addressing Rallies


Howrah:  Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi was strongly criticized Mamata Banerjee’s Government and urged the voters to vote for Cong-CPM alliance and wipe out the TMC government, at a meeting in Shyampukur, Howrah. He was campaigning in support of Congress candidate Amitav Chakraborty on Saturday.

Rahul Gandhi said that Mamata Banerjee failed to keep all her promises which she had made earlier. She promised for a changed scenario in Bengal (Poriborton), but she and Bengal is in the same place as it was 5 years ago.

Mamata ji had given contract of the collapsed flyover in Kolkata to a TMC leader, there is syndicate raj in West Bengal-Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi pointed out that the jute industries have closed one by one leading to the unemployment of a minimum of 40,000 people. Mamata Banerjee had promised to provide employment to many. So, a contradictory statement on her part. She did not even utter a single word about this employment cricis. Mamata Banerjee promised to remove corruption. But how will she remove corruption if her own party has taken away the public’s money for Sarada and allegedly took bribe in the Narada scam.

Rahul Gandhi directly attacked Mamata Banerjee and her government on Saturday. He informed that those injured or kins of dead people in the collapse of the Vivekananda Flyover, told him that the flyover collapsed because of the use of poor quality cement and poor maintenance of it. They also accused that the contract was given to Mamata’s party member who was careless about the construction. As a result it collapsed. But the loss was of them, and not of the government. They also urged him to remove the syndicate raj from Bengal.

Rahul Gandhi attacked Narendra Modi in the Centre and Mamata Banerjee in the state. He criticized about Modi’s promise of converting black money to white money. He had also promised of giving 15 lakhs of money to the poor. But none of these promises were meted out. He accused both Modi and Mamata of making false promises. Modi had promised of giving jobs to 2 lakh job-seekers, whereas Mamata promised to give employment to 70 lakh people. But both of them failed completely.

Rahul Gandhi made promises, on Saturday, to give job to the job-seekers in Bengal, will investigate the Sarada-Narada scam and will return the common people’s money if they come to power. He promised rice at a price of Rs. 2 per kg, clean drinking water. He concluded by saying that Congress is for the poor, the weaker people and for the farmers.