Bengal, Panacea of Communal Harmony: Mamata


Kolkata: Stressing the need for communal harmony West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday uphold West Bengal as a panacea of peace and communal harmony. Taking a jibe at the opposition who accuses of appeasing the minority community, she said that her Government does not believe in the politics of division, and promised equal treatment for all.

Addressing a rally in Kolkata’s Shahid Minar CM said , “This is our country. This country belongs to all. This is our janmabhoomi, karmabhoomi.”

Reacting sharp on the issue of growing intolerance in the country Mamata said, “There is a growing tendency of dictating what one will wear or eat. Some people wanted ban on meat during Durga Puja. Why should we do it? Let them fast. Why should I impose ban for all,” CM also added.

Separating religion from terrorism Mamata said , “Terrorists have no religion. It is a matter personal choice not faith. Anti-socials are anti-socials. We condemn all terrorism. We offer our solidarity and condolences to everyone who lost their lives due to terrorism.”

Praising her and boasting of a dynamic development in the state Mamata said, “132 Karma Tirtha marketing hubs are coming up where our youth can set up shops. We are giving cycles to over 40 lakh students irrespective of caste, creed, gender or religion.”

Training gun at the erstwhile Left Front government she said that the budget allotment for minority development during Left Front rule was Rs 400 Cr, while her government increased it to Rs 2400 Cr. Left Front gave scholarships to 4 lakh students in their last 4 years while the ruling Trinamool has given scholarships to 83 lakh students, highest in India.

In a bid to impress the minority vote bank and rope in their support Mamata said “I had made a commitment of giving second language status to Urdu. We did that. Show me one other place on earth where Durga Puja and Muharram are celebrated together in a peaceful manner, it is Possible in Bengal only.”

“During Durga Puja many Muslim brothers and sisters participate in the festivities and are part of puja committees. I read the Chandi stotras during Durga Puja. I also go for Eid prayers. What is the problem with that?” she added.

In conclusion of her speech she gives respect to the makers of our Constitution as according to her 26 November is a very important day for Indian democracy. On this day in 1949, Constitution of India was adopted.

Paying homage to the formulators of Indian constitution she said that the Constitution championed the cause of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity.