Bengal Migrant Worker Found Dead In Delhi


Suri: A 30 year old migrant worker from Bengal’s Birbhum has been found dead at his rented accommodation in Delhi, with relatives claiming he was killed.

According to sources, Bikash Mukherjee(30) worked in a private Nursing home in Delhi’s Narayanbag area. He is survived by his wife. Victim’s family alleged that Bikash was killed by his wife due to her wife’s extramarital affair.

Bikash’s family said that Bikash’s wife engaged with illegal affair with a renter. Last year, Bikash did not want to go back Delhi but his wife demanded to go back Delhi.

Bikash’s father Kenaram Mukherjee said that my daughter in law engaged in a affair in Delhi. They made plan to give alcohol to Bikash on Tuesday and after that they murdered him. Bikash’s father lodged complain at Rajnagar police station. Police started investigation to nab the culprits.