Bengal IS Man Has Links With Hyderabad Terror Cell


Kolkata: Naimatullah, one of the top leaders of IS, has confessed on Monday that Mohammad Masiuddin alias Musa has links with the Hyderabad terror cell.

Naimatulla revealed such twisting information in the interrogation by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). He also said that he knows Musa very well and has even provided Musa with money several times. He also revealed that Musa is an active member of the Hyderabad IS module. He even has important information. He visited Hyderabad several times.

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On June 29, Mohammad Masiuddin alias Musa was detained for having terror links in the Dhaka terror attack. 2 of his aides were also detained. Later on, Musa was brought to the Bhawani Bhawan by the police for interrogation. Prior to that, Musa was interrogated the whole night. The police received several important information from him. As per sources, he entered our country secretly through the Bonga border. From there he headed towards Metiabruz. After spending some time there, he was on his way to Birbhum via train.

It was reported that the accused has links with Syria, Afghanistan. He used to get money from there. Musa has knowledge of atleast 7-8 leanguages. He was under the track of NIA. A security agency had informed the police of his whereabouts. He was later on arrested.