Bengal Man Beaten To Death In Gujarat


Kolkata: After Rajasthan and Kerela, a man from Bengal is once again hacked to death, now in Gujarat. Reportedly, Madhu Sarkar, a resident of Alipurdwar went to Gujarat in search of livelihood. But he was brutally beaten by a heavy rock on his head which proved fatal.

The family of deceased said that, Madhu went to Gujarat four years ago in search of livelihood with some of his relatives. He started working in a plywood company there. Recently, two months ago he joined a new company to work.

The light came to the incident when a relative called Madhu on his phone but the calls went unanswered. He then tried to reach out for him and got to know about the shocking news of his murder.A complaint of the incident has been lodged with the Ankleshwar Police Station. Earlier, on 12 December, a Bankura resident was killed in Kerela while he was on his way back from work.