Bengal Left-Wing Parties Pulls Rally In Tarapith


Tarapith: In a retaliatory move against the oppositions, Left wing parties have organised a rally in Tarapith on Monday. Bharatiya Janata Party’s extravagant event Rath-Yatra is passing through a continuous political impediments in the execution process. Temporarily the event has been delayed in Tarapith.

Presently, Birbhum is one of the politically agitated place in Bengal politics. Trinamool president of the district Anubrata Mondal has started campaigning for Lok Sabha 2019. BJP’s lavish Rath-Yatra has grabbed the attention of people.

Amid all these, Left-wing parties spreading their existence in Bengal. Political experts are  saying that Left-wing parties are trying to gain people with their secular manifestation in the time of communal distress.