Bengal handicrafts to travel to London


Kolkata: West Bengal will be participating in the various International festivals till April next year to promote the handicraft industry of Bengal in front of the whole world. The initiative has been undertaken by the Small and Medium Industries department of the West Bengal Government.

Although the Muslin and the jute industries are the pride of Bengal, they have not been able to get hold of the international market. Even the export of the handicrafts are not high. The officials have claimed that the low publicity of the goods have resulted in downfall of its export and sales.

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In September, the publicity of the handicraft goods of Bengal will be taken up in Design festival of London. Muslin, Shawl, masks, jute painting will be displayed. Four handicraft workers will also be travelling to London to learn handicraft work at Design Junction.

Department Secretary Rajiv Singh said that the participation would be made to find out the acceptability of these goods. It successful, next year a merchant outlet of the handicraft goods will be opened in London.