Bengal Govt To Safeguard Democratic Structure: Governor


Kolkata: West Bengal governor Keshari Nath Tripathi said that the state government was committed to safeguard the democratic and federal structure of the Constitution.

In his address to the Assembly ahead of the state budget, Tripathi said on Friday that the nation now stood at the crossroads of history.

Regardless of the ominous forces of divisiveness, intolerance and contempt, he said that the West Bengal government would strive to protect the triple pillars of democracy.

He said the state goverment had been able “cope with the twin challenges of demonetisation and hasty enforcement of GST across the country thrust upon by the central government”.

The state government never for once faltered from the track of the development process that seeks to encompass every person from all walks of life, he said.

The governor also praised the government for keeping a steady vigil on communal harmony and the overall atmosphere remained peaceful.

In his address, he said that there had been attempts to disturb peace in the Darjeeling hills which had been strongly dealt with.

Shouting slogans, opposition Left Front and Congress members thronged the Well of the House demanding discussion on the governor’s address.

Later, Speaker Biman Banerjee told reporters in his chamber “there will be discussion on the governor’s address after which the chief minister would give a reply.”

She has a packed schedule at the moment, Banerjee said. Finance minister Amit Mitra is scheduled to present the state budget in the Assembly on Monday.