Bengal Govt To Provide ‘Fish-Meal’ At Rs 21


Kolkata: Bengal Fisheries Department has taken a novel initiative through which ‘Fish Meal’ will be made available to the public at just Rs 21. In general, Bengalis prefer fish, which is rich in nutrients.

The Annapurna Thali, as it has been named will have fish curry with a piece of fish weighing 50 gms, 100 gms of rice and 75 gms of lentil dal and 50 gms of vegetable curry, prices at RS 21. ‘Ben Fish’ vehicles will be selling the fish thalis at important junctions around the city and districts. The thalis will be jacketed and covered and the food quality will be of high standard.

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The Fisheries department had conducted a trial run which had been successful. Now, the project will be launched from February, 2017 with 21 ‘Ben Fish’ vehicles.