Bengal Govt To Enhance Crop Production Through Quality Seeds


Kolkata: The Trinamool Congress Government has initiated several interventions to enhance crop production. It is taking steps to ensure that the various schemes and programmes are implemented in right earnest. Independent assessments of these initiatives are being carried out.

Currently, a comprehensive State Agriculture and Agriculture Infrastructure Plan, based on empirical data analysis of potential at the ground level, is being prepared.

Seeds are a salient input for successful crop production. The Bengal Government has achieved considerable progress in the production and usage of high-quality seeds.

Seeds of different crops are multiplied in farms under the Government, cooperatives, self-help groups (SHG) and farmers’ clubs, in State agricultural universities, under non-governmental organisations (NGO) as well as under private enterprises as per the guidelines of the Seed Certification Programme. The seed production at all these places is carried out under the direct supervision of the West Bengal State Seed Certification Agency.

There are 193 farms under the State Government at present. Production of hybrid maize seeds is being undertaken in the district of Nadia. From FY 2013-14, the Government has undertaken a programme for the production of good quality foundation seeds of potato from breeder seeds in Government farms, so that high-quality seeds are available for the production of certified seeds.

The Agriculture Department has also decided to increase its income by starting pisciculture, in collaboration with the Fisheries Department, in the ponds inside Government farms. Conserve indigenous folk rice in Government farms and at research stations like the Agricultural Training Centre in Fulia and Rice Research Station in Chinsurah