Bengal Govt To Set Up Floating Market At Mirik


Kolkata: The huge success of the newly set up floating market at Patuli in Kolkata has prompted the State Government to firm up plans for another floating market at Mirik.

The whole design of the market will be on the lines of the one that has come up in Patuli. The decision was made during a meeting in Darjeeling on March 14. Once the detailed project report (DPR) is ready, steps will be taken to set up the market.

The floating market in Mirik will be located on the four square-km lake. It is already a popular tourist spot and its attraction will further increase once the market is ready. The banks will be beautified and brightly illuminated. A park will be set up with ornate benches for the visitors.

In addition to vegetables, the special items of Darjeeling including oranges and tea will be sold at the floating market. People who visit Darjeeling from the plains often buy woollens and home decorations made by local artisans. All these will be sold at the proposed market.
The vegetable market in Patuli is already very popular.

Even people from the neighbouring areas come for marketing during the weekends. The vegetable sellers display their wares on boats, and there are floating tea stalls as well. The entire area has been decorated with lights. The pavement has also been upgraded.