Bengal Govt Likely To Adopt The Villages Of Sunderban’s Widows


Sunderban: In a silver lining for tiger widows, that is, the women whose husbands have been killed in tiger attacks, the Bengal Government’s Panchayats and Rural Development Department has decided to adopt the villages in the Sundarbans where these widows live.

Many villages in the region are dominated by women whose have lost their husbands in this way, mostly while venturing out to remote islands to fish or while collecting honey from forests.

Bengal Panchayats Ministers, announced this decision recently. He said that the government would soon come up with a policy. He said that after a study, the department has found that most of the people in the villages can be accommodated in some State Government policy or the other, like Jal Dharo Jal Bharo, etc. The department has identified 11 such villages, of which three would be adopted initially.