“Bengal Govt Is Occupying Massanjore Dam”


Suri: The ongoing tussle of West Bengal-Jharkhand regarding Massanjore Dam has knocked in Parliament on Monday as Gudda member of Jharkhand MP Nishikant Dubey raised the issue on Monday.

He asked for intervention in this issue alleging “West Bengal government trying to take over the Massanjore dam.”

Geographically the Dam situated in Jharkhand but the maintenance responsibility lies on Bengal Government. Particularly this issue has been uplifted in the parliament. In Jyoti Basu’s regime a negotiation between Bihar and West Bengal took place when Jharkhand used to be the undivided part of Bihar. Keeping that term West Bengal government is responsible for the conservation.

He claimed, the negotiation was made on some term and conditions. West Bengal government supposed to build two more dam following the maintainence which will serve the farmers of Jharkhand. But it is not in plan till now.

The clash over beautification with coloring the dam has reached the peak where dragging each other is the only option for now. Both the welcome gate have been made by West Bengal government.

The administrative tension took a political shape where ruling and oppositions started slamming each other. Nishikant Dubey criticised Mamata Banerjee saying, “who is dreaming for PM why is she trying to dominate a small state like Jharkhand ?