Bengal Govt Introduces Sufala Vans For Cooperative Societies


Kolkata: The State Cooperation Department has started a concept called Sufala van. The aim of introducing these motorised vans is to sell fresh vegetables at the right prices to the common people.

The first such vans were given to cooperative societies in Hooghly by the Cooperation Minister recently. The managers of 20 cooperative societies were handed over 20 vans.
The cooperative societies would buy vegetable from farmers and sell them to the people through these vans. The effect would be three-pronged: the farmers would get the right prices (unlike what they get from middlemen), the people would be able to buy fresh vegetables at affordable prices and the menace of middlemen would be resolved.

Each van costs Rs 4 lakh. The cooperative societies would pay RS 3 lakh and the State Government would give a subsidy of Rs 1 lakh.

The government has also decided to give a refrigerator to each of the cooperative societies which get the vans in order to keep vegetables fresh.