Bengal Govt Finalises Design Of Singur Monument


Singur: The State Government has finalised the design of the monument to be built in Singur to honour the 14 people who were martyred in 2006 while protesting against the forceful acquisition of land for the small car factory of the Tatas. The monument will consist of a statue surrounded by a park.

According to government sources, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee gave her seal of approval on April 3 to one of the several designs presented. An undertaking company of the State Government will be developing the monument.

She had announced the building of the monument in 2016 during her visit to Singur, following the Supreme Court judgement on August 31 of that year, after a fight of 10 long years, which gave the unwilling farmers back their land, stating that the acquisition was unjustified.

The monument will be developed on a one-acre plot off National Highway 2 at Singer Bheri, close to the 997 acres taken away forcefully. The height of the statue will be 25 to 30 feet and it will be placed on a 15 feet high pedestal. It will be surrounded by a beautiful park.

Among the 14 martyrs of Singur are Tapasi Malik and Rajkumar Bhul. Tapasi, a teenage girl, was burnt to death after being raped 26-year-old Bhul succumbed to his injuries after being beaten up by the police.

The Mamata Banerjee government had provided all support to the land losers to get back their land and make it cultivable again. The Singur Movement has also been included in the history book of Class VIII meant for State Government schools.