Bengal Fire Department Set To Buy New ‘Water Tower’ Car


Kolkata: In a city that has witnessed Nandram and Stephen Court fires, sets a good example of fire fighting. The city witnesses massive ‘fire’ incidents many times that within minutes, thick black smoke spread to rest of the building, or the incidents spot sparking a stampede-like situation as residents tried to get out.

From stephen court incident, Bengal learnt a lesson: ladders should be kept in. Thus the basic firefighting arrangements must be in place in Kolkata. West Bengal fire department is all set to buy new ‘water tower’ car to fight with the massive fire in a high-rise building.

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The water jets of the fire department only reach up to 40ft. A sky-lift can take as long as 25 minutes to start working. In this case Carbon monoxide generally spread fast. If there had been a delay in fighting the flames, the consequences may have been disastrous.

Fire safety is high on the priority list for the fire department. “We are ready to buy two new water tower. One is to use for 35ft high -rise and the another one will be able to reach against 55 ft.”, says SH. Jag Mohan, Director General of Fire Services, Government of West Bengal.

A team of officials from state fire services department earlier conducted a surprise visit to several well-known hotels and restaurants in Park Street and New Market areas. A state fire services department official said that the surprise visit was planned following a directive from Nabanna.