Bengal Finance Dept Likely To Welcome A Change


Kolkata: A welcome change is soon to happen in the working of the State Finance Department. According to a recent instruction issued by the finance secretary, all paper files would soon have to be done away with in favour of digital storage.

Digitisation with respect to government activities has been gradually coming since the introduction of the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) in 2014. The system was introduced to enable a proper accounting of the money allotted and spent by the department for its various activities, including the payment of salaries.

This change to a paperless democracy in the working of the State Government has in fact caught the attention of the entire country.

Digitisation has some distinct advantages:

File tracking: IFMS has made the tracking of all files much easier. Whenever a file is received by a person or sent to another person after due processing, everyone with access to the system gets to know about the acknowledgement or signing off, respectively.

Accuracy of data: There is much less chance of making mistakes with respect to the input of any data.

Cost effectiveness: Change to digitisation saves a lot of money, which was spent in buying registers.

Space optimisation: Along with cost, a lot space occupied by the stored registers is also saved on.

Effective archiving: Once paper gets old, it gets damaged, either due to the ageing itself or due to being eaten up by insects or maybe by dampness. Digitisation of files removes the chances of all of these happening.