Bengal Feels Frozen, Cold Wave Continues


Kolkata: Dense fog and cold wave will wrap the whole state. The climate condition will remain same for next three four days in Bengal. Very start of new year geared up with winter after the longing for winter. According to Alipore Met Office, this situation will be there from plain to hill.

Though there were many opinion on steady winter in Bengal. But at last bengal feels the winter. There is a sharp hit in the temperature. By the influence of north-wind,mercury is falling fast. Alipore Met Office predicted cold wave in four districts of South Bengal.

Alipore Met Office issued an alert on cold wave in Purulia,Birbhum,East-West Bardhaman. Kolkata can be slightly colder. Today’s temperature is 11.7 degree celcius which is 2 degree below normal.

North Bengal districts like Malda, Nadia and North and South Dinajpur will be in dense fog. In next three-four days Kolkata will feel the cold between 10-11 degree.