Bengal Farmers Happy After Persistant Downpour Ends Deficiency


Kolkata: Good news for farmers as un-interrupting rain is fulfilling the deficit in south Bengal. The weather-headquarter Mousam Bhavan has delivered such information. Consistent cyclonic-circulation causing steady rain since last week. Several districts have been receiving scattered and heavy rain almost everyday.

The shortfall noticed in the mid-July for south bengal. The local Met office in Kolkata said there are 20% deficit of rain which demands at least three days of heavy rain. Sometime heavy to heavy rain and scattered. The paddy harvesting demands heavy rain. So the cyclonic-circulation and monsoon axis line has met the need of the farmers.

Considering the statistics, gangetic bengal was running with 43% shorfall of rain till July 11. It was standing on 21% till July 18. And soon after July 20, statewide heavy rain devasted bengal. More than 12% extra rain recorded. 74% extra rainfall recorded in August 1.

District base statistics is also coming with a same picture. Deficit level recorded till July 11- 58% in Bankura, 5% in Bardhaman, 37% in Birbhum, 41% in Paschim Misnapore, 51% in Howrah, 40% in Hooghly, 28% in Kolkata, 76% in Murshidabad, 20% in Nadia. The shortage has been fulfilled after August 1.

The Met office head Ganesh Kumar Das said, “We have already said that normal rainfall will be there in monsoon. It is just wait of time to form the monsoon based weather. So here it is.”

He more added, “It is not the end. The rain was needed for paddy harvesting and others.” The sky was partly cloudy in several districts of Bengal on Thursday. Light to moderate rain recorded in many districts. Another forecast said there will be heavy rain in next 24 hours in entire Bengal.