Bengal Driving Large Percentage Of India’s Exports: Centre


Kolkata: In terms of exports, Bengal is ahead of the rest of the states, as per the Union Commerce and Industry Minister. Bengal is now the sixth largest economic market in India.

This is another confirmation of the fact that the policies on industry and investment being followed by the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee-led Bengal Government are on the right track. Following the initiatives of the Chief Minister, the variety and amount of exports that take place from Bengal have showed a direction to many states.

Bengal has been able to leverage its traditional strengths, be it natural resources, industrial resources, food resources or anything else, for the export market and has been reaping the benefits. As a result, the income of Kolkata Port (including its subsidiary, Haldia Port) has also increased handsomely.

In food, 11 per cent of prawns and lobsters exported from India are from Bengal.14 per cent of Indian tea is exported through Kolkata. Haldia Petrochemicals exports 4 per cent of the country’s petro-products. Bengal exports a huge 61 per cent of the total leather goods from India.