Bengal Congress To Celebrate Party Victory At Rani Rashmoni Road Meet


Kolkata: Following the victory of Indian National Congress in Assembly Election 2018 in three states, West Bengal Pradesh Congress president Somen Mitra on Tuesday announced that party will celebrate the success at the scheduled meeting of Rani Rashmani Road on December 12.

After a long political battle, Congress has gained Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh in the Assembly Election 2018. Rahul Gandhi has taken the fight to the next level with the triumph of election against Narendra Modi.

State Congress members and supporters started celebration at the state headquarter Bidhan Bhavan with the developing result of the election. The result has astonished many and people are saying it is the prove of democracy and victory of good. Soon after the result, State Congress has announced to extend the celebration at the meeting of Rani Rashmani Road.

Talking on the result, president Somen Mitra said that the result has regained people and repaired many deficiencies. Expectedly, many people will comeback to Congress those who left the party.

On the other hand, former Congress president Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury has celebrated the victory of Indian National Congress separately at Dharmatala. Central Calcutta district president Suman Pal and others people have accompanied them in the celebration.