Bengal Congress Shows Fury Over Mamata’s Govt Amidst Support From INC


Kolkata: Though the Congress high-command is considering Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee as the future prime minister but Bengal congress is not ready but steadily opposing the West Bengal Chief Minister.

The Youth-Congress is all set to observe ‘Bharat Bachao’ program. Their protest will keep Modi-Mamata on the same thread in their agenda.

The nationwide ‘Bharat-Bachao’ program of National Congress is to stand against Centre’s Anti-People Policy. According to Bidhan Bhavan source, the program will commence on August 11 by Youth-Congress. The rally will go till Rajbhavan from state Congress head office Bidhan Bhavan. They will submit a petition to the governor Kesharinath Tripathi. The main protest against Centre but the West Bengal ruling party won’t find any relief. They will be attacked on several issues like Sarada Scam, Narada Scam, Violence on Women and others.

Indian National Congress Supremo Rahul Gandhi few days ago said that, If Mamata Banerjee gets the candidature for Prime Minister, he has no problem in that. Last Wednesday, amidst a tight schedule Mamta held a meeting with Sonia Gandhi regarding the ally to fight against Modi government. National leadership is ready for the positivie understanding but state leadership are standing in opposite to show their agitation.

Youth-Congress president Al-Biruni said, “Sonia-Rahul didn’t go for any meeting rather she came for her own sake and interest. Modi-government for India and TMC government for West Bengal are highly poisionous and creating problem for common people deliberately.”

Though in Delhi Mamata in a comparatively cozy situation to fight the war but Bengal Congress wouldn’t tie the knot to fight Lok Sabha 2019. So the question that bugging the mind is that, Did Bengal Congress get any notice from senior leadership or Sonia-Rahul is planning for something else changing their political strategy.