Bengal Doing Cheap Politics Over Dengue Outbreak: Dilip


Kolkata: West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh on Friday blamed the West Bengal government of indulging in “cheap politics” over the outbreak of Dengue in the state.

He said instead of utilizing the funds sent by the Centre to tackle the problem, the state is busy hushing up dengue cases.

“The state government is busy doing cheap politics over Dengue. They are not at all serious about tackling this menace, rather they are busy hushing up the Dengue deaths,” Ghosh said.

Earlier on Thursday, the West Bengal government revised the Dengue toll in the state to 38 before the Calcutta High Court and claimed that the media was unnecessarily sensationalising the issue.

Ghosh also said the state government has miserably failed to tackle the outbreak of Dengue in the state.

“My question is why the state government is trying to hush up the matter, instead of providing better treatment facilities to patients”, Ghosh said.

The Centre on Friday told the Calcutta High Court that the West Bengal government had failed to utilise the funds provided to it for controlling vector-borne diseases, including Dengue, in the state.