Bengal Celebrates Suvo Sasthi


Kolkata: Durga puja mood starts off with the Mahishasuramardini, a two-hour radio programme that has been popular with the community since the 1950s. Bengalis traditionally wake up at 4 in the morning on Mahalaya day to listen to the enchanting voice of the late Birendra Krishna Bhadra. After this Durga Puja begins with suvo sasthi and ‘Bodhan. All people boost up with the beginning of this auspicious day when everybody chants

Om Jayanti, Mangala, Kali, Bhadrakali, Kapalini. Durga, Shiba, Kshama, Dhatri, Swaha, Swadha Namahstu Te.

Esha Sachandana Gandha Pushpa Bilwa Patranjali, Om Hrring Durgaoi Namah’

Durga Puja is the most glamourous, most popular and largest festival in Kolkata. No other Indian city celebrates Durga Puja as enthusiastically as Kolkata.  The city is adorned with lights and the vibrant nightlife is the most exciting thing to experience during the Puja. Streets, alleys, parks, houses and trees glitter with fairy lights.

Popular movie songs as well as traditional music such as Rabindra Sangeet, ‘Chandipath’ are played on loudspeakers. Fairs are set up in numerous parks and public spaces, complete with merry-go-rounds, giant wheels and stalls. People from all over the country visit the city at this time, and every night is one mad carnival where thousands of people go ‘pandal-hopping’ with their friends, relatives and family.