Bengal BJP Astonished Over C-Voter Survey Result


Kolkata: The General Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party Rahul Sinha is not ready to accept the results of C-voter survey which has stated the rising seats of BJP in West Bengal.

The C-voter survey result has been announced on Thursday. The result has stated that TMC will get 25 seats among the 42. Congress will manage to secure one seat and rest of the 16 seats will be secured by BJP.

It would be a major success for the BJP. TMC managed to secure seats amid the safffro storm in allover India. But the latest C-voter survey said that BJP will gain 80% seats in West Bengal.

Rahul Sinha expressed his grief over the condition of BJP in Bengal as the founder of BJP has born in West Bengal. He is astonished over the result of C-voter survey. He said that “I am not agreeing with the C-voter result.”

West bengal has 42 lok Sabha contituency and BJP will gather most of them. TMC will face a more bad day with growing time. BJP demands 22 seats. Amit Shah said so. Rahul Sinha confident over crossing the deadline of Amit Shah in Bengal.