Bengal Beach Festival Will Start From Feb 1


Purba Midnapore: West Bengal Tourism department will organise a three-day-long beach festival to attract both domestic and foreign tourists. The festival will be held following the initiative taken by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to upgrade the beach towns and bring more tourists.

The festival will be held between February 1 to Feb 3 in Digha, Mandarmoni, Tajpur and Shankarpur, all of which are popular beach destinations along the Bay of Bengal.

The following events are organized for tourists:

Photography Competition – The pictures of a beach in Bengal will be sent by the website. The date will be said later.

Beach Volleyball Competition – Beach Volleyball Competition will be organized at Tajpur beach beach.

Beach Marathon – Mandarmani will be hosted marathon competition. Name can be registered on the website for the name. Details will be notified later. For details, keep an eye on Facebook pages and websites.

Spot quiz – Road Safety Quiz Contest will be organized.

Dhak Contest – Countless drummers from outside the districts and inner districts will come to participate in the Dhak contest.

Beach Clearing – All the ordinary people, sanitary mart volunteers and voluntary organizations will participate in the cleanliness program, including a dignified guest.

Theme Song Competition – theme competition competition for beach festival has also been organized. Beech Festival will be able to create and record the mp3. Three of the best songs will be rewarded. And the song will be selected as theme song.