Bengal & Bangladesh Met At Fences On Bengali New Year


Siliguri: Hundreds of residents of India and Bangladesh, particularly those having relatives on the other side of the border, met at the fences at a fair that was organised at Rajganj block in Jalpaiguri on Sunday.

The meet was held under the supervision of the Border Security Force and Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB).

Those from Bangladesh brought “Hilsha” in good quantities. The fish was tossed from the other side of the fence to customers on the Indian side, who in turn, tossed currency notes to make payments.

Also, gifts were exchanged among relatives, standing both sides of the fence, on the occasion of the Bengali New Year.

At the event, residents from adjoining villages like Khalpara, Bholapara, Gadra and Madanbari assembled on the Indian side. On the other side stood hundreds of Bangladeshis, hailing from Panchagar district of the country.

While some like Abhijit came to exchange gifts, several others turned up to collect “Hilsha”.
The Bangladeshis brought fishes weighing around a kilo and sold at a price of Rs 400.
During the five hours when residents were allowed stand near the fence as BSF and BGB personnel maintained their vigil, several quintals of the fish were sold.