Benefits Of Dry Coconut


Dry coconut not only adds flavour to the food, but also benefits the health. This dry food contains 5.2 micrograms of selenium which improves immune power. Medical science has tested and proved that dry coconut produces selenium which helps in preventing infertility in men.

Here are some health benefits of Dry Coconut:

• Dry coconut has minerals that keeps skin, ligaments, tendons and bone tissues strong.

• Consuming dry coconut daily prevents problems like artheritis and osteoporosis.

• Eating dry coconut helps to improve brain function. It even slows down the progression of Alzheimer disease.

• Dry coconut provides required amount of dietary fibre which helps to control all the heart related issues.

• Anemia is a problem which is more susceptible in women. Dry coconut contains iron which helps to prevent this shortage of blood.

If you want to lead a healthy life, add dry coconut in your diet.