Belur Math Celebrates Birth Anniversary Of Ramkrishnadeb


Belur: Saturday marks the 183th birth anniversary of Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa. The celebration in Belur-Math is going intensely.

Birthday ceremony was started on Saturday morning through ‘Mongol Arati’. After this, reading of Ved, hymn and morning-song are held. Special Puja was arranged at 7 am. From 8am onwards, Belur-Math is engaged on several programs. The monk and Brahmacharis of Belur Math took part in the birth celebration of Sri Sri Ramkrishna.

রামকৃষ্ণদেবের জন্মতিথি উৎসবে মাতল বেলুড় মঠ

Reading of Ramkrishnakathamrita and the individual description was a segment in the celebration. Prasad distribution ceremony was organized from 11:30 in the morning at Maa Sarada Sadabrata Bhavan. Evening celebration programs has been scheduled.

On the occasion of Ramkrishnadeb birth anniversary a series of cultural program will be performed till Tuesday. Since Saturday morning, thousands of devotees have come to visit and participate in the program. In the morning, devotees surrounded the math with the portrait of Ramkrishnadeb. The security has been strengthened in Belur Math for a peaceful celebration.