After Belur, Kaksa Suffocated By Poison Gas


Asansol: After gas leak incident at Belur, Poison gas vapoured from debris at Kaksa area of Industrial Bardhaman spread panic in the locality. At least fifty people have been fallen sick in the incident.

According to sources, after littering debris at Kaksa area on Wednesday poisonous vapour spread in the locality. Many schools had been shut down after the incident. Residents of the locality now in terror. Fire tenders have reached the spot to tackle the situation.

The situation of Belur in Howrah is normal now after the chlorine gas leak incident that happened on Monday. There was no new reports of any such disaster there. Several people fell ill inhaling those poisonous vapour which leaked from a scrap yard in the Belur area of Howrah. Police are still looking for those responsible for that hazard.

The disaster has raised serious concerns about the danger it poses in Belur and Kaksa.
District authorities confirmed that inquiry has begun whether any industrial unit has being operated in various places with valid no-objection certificate from the State Pollution Control Board.

It is known that the places like Belur or Kaksa are over-polluted for many years.