Belur Gas Leak: FIR Lodged Against Owners

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Belur: Belur police has lodged FIR against three owners of Bajrangbali Jute Mill on the chlorine gas leak disaster. Absence of proper fire extinguishing system and infrastructural pitfall are the allegations against the owners.

The situation of Belur in Howrah is normal now after the chlorine gas leak incident that happened on Monday. There was no new reports of any such disaster. A day after several people fell ill by inhaling suspected chlorine gas which leaked from a scrap yard in the Belur area of Howrah district of Bengal, police are still looking for leads to identify those responsible for the hazardous leak.

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As per source, all who were admitted in the hospital after the incident were discharged from hospital on Monday night. As of now there is no report of any new admission in hospital. But to monitor the condition of the people in that area a medical team is working out.

Chief Health Officer of Howrah district, Dr. Bhabani Das said that everyone who were admitted in hospital after being affected by the gases, had been discharged on Monday night. There is no news of anyone getting sick anymore. One of them, an old who was admitted to Howrah district hospital, was shifted to Kolkata. He had other health problems too. Although the victims of this gas tragedy are discharged from the hospital but a health team is monitoring their situation in that area.