How to Bell the Erring Neighbour


Monishankar Choudhury: The regular provocation and attacks by Pakistan backed terror outfits on the country’s integrity has tested India’s patience and is on the verge of crossing the country’s tolerance threshold. The recent Uri attack on an Indian army post which claimed the lives of 18 soldiers have dealt a severe blow to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s effort to extend an olive branch to Pakistan, and a wave of anger against Pakistan has swept the nation.

However, time has now and then proved the futility of engaging Pakistani government in peace talks for the original policy maker behind the scene is Pakistani army, hell bent on disturbing India. A government source after the Uri attack said that PM Modi has understood the futility of expecting Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s capability of delivering on terror.

The speech of Mr. Sharif at UNGA raking up the Kashmir issue is a clear and desperate effort of Pakistan to internationalize the Kashmir dispute.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech at Kozhikode had issued a strong warning to Pakistan and called it the chief exporter of terrorism. But India has spent decades in futile attempts to pursue Pakistan to shun terror and mend its way. Much talking has been done it is time to act tough.

Here, the question is ‘how to bell the cat’. The call for an all out war is not the feasible option as war has its own fallout, and between two nuclear armed neighbours it could result in mutual destruction.

Here are a few steps to teach Pak a lesson:

  • Isolate Pakistan globally: India should up its ante and vigorously expose Pakistan’s role of exporting terrorism in front of the global community. The time is ripe now as the US-Pakistan relation is at its worst over the latter’s double standard on dealing with terrorism. The US Congress has even introduced a bill to declare Pakistan “a state sponsor of terrorism”. However, India should draw lines clear and make it open that any country supporting Pakistan will be doing so at the cost of losing India’s friendship.
  • Declare Pakistan a terror state: The first thing India can do is to declare Pakistan a terror state, sever all ties and stop extending olive branches for the efforts are mocked by Pakistani establishment as the symbol of weakness. The country should stop all trade and commerce and freeze the assets of Pakistani interest in India.
  • Vigorously support the Baloch and PoK movements: Pakistan has never been shy of calling the Kashmir movement a “freedom struggle”. So in a tit for tat India should extend full support to the Baloch people fighting for the independence of Balochistan and should grant asylum to Baloch leaders. It should also extend military and financial aid to the Baloch rebels. It should also extend support to the people of PoK (Pak occupied Kashmir) fighting against Pakistani occupation.
  • An iron-hand in Kashmir: The lenient face and talks of human rights are not for terrorists and Pakistani infiltrators. The Kashmiris who have bore the brunt of decades old terrorism should be made aware of the nefarious Pak agenda and radical religious centres and movements should be crushed with iron-hand. India should make it clear that any call of independence for Kashmir will draw a severe blow.
  • Give full power to the military: The political masters should now show the courage to grant army full power to deal with Pakistan and Kashmir trouble putting aside their appeasement agenda or vote bank politics. The task of striking terror camps and waging war should be left to the Army without any political or diplomatic interference. This is the time India should learn from Israel.
  • Show the Nuke Muscle: Pakistan has long been rattling the nuclear saber against India often threatening to unleash nuclear bombs. Now the time has come for India to scrap “no first strike policy’ and made it clear to Pakistan that any attempt to start a nuclear war will made Pakistan vanish from the world map.