Belaghata Paper Godown Catches Fire


Kolkata: Massive fire engulfs a Paper godown near Belaghata’s alochaya in Kolkata on Monday. The fire broke out at morning but fire fighters were unable to extinguish it fully until afternoon. 10 Fire Brigade engines were deployed at the incident spot. According to sources, there were Chemicals at the godown. Due to the fire, huge traffic snarl has been caused at Belaghata main road.

Even though the fire has been controlled but there is still a lot of fumes spread at that area. The fire fighters have tried to break the asbestos shade and pour water to extinguish the fire. But to narrow entrance Fire Brigade have faced lot of trouble in extinguishing the fire.

There is still no trace of the Godown owner even after hours have passed since the fire broke. Even the locals are unaware of the owner. The local councilor has said that there was no safety measures taken by the godown. No fire extinguishers were installed. The Municipal Corporation will send notice to the godown owner.

The locals had spotted the fire and informed the Fire station. But as per allegations, the Fire Brigade had arrived late. Paper catches fire fast. At first 7 engines were deployed but later three more were required. The cause of the fire is not yet known. The fire fighters are spilling water over the adjoining buildings so that fire doesn’t spread.

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