Behala Man Sent To Pavlov Hospital


Kolkata: In a shocking re-run of Kolkata’s Robinson Street incident, the body of an 80-year old woman – who died three years ago on April 7, 2015 – was kept in a chest freezer by her son before neighbours learnt about it and alerted the police on Wednesday.

The victim was identified as Bina Majumdar, a resident of James Long Sarani at Behala in the south-western edge of the city.The victim’s son, 45-year old Subhabrata – an expert in leather technology – was detained late last night and taken to Behala police station for questioning.

Subhabrata Majumdar planned to keep his mother’s remains for 25 years. The 45-year-old leather technology graduate went to the extent of learning Russian to study anatomy textbooks in that language and indulged in relentless “internet-based research” to back up his college education as he bought two industrial fridges and two two-tonne air-conditioners to make a tomb out of a ground-floor room at the family’s Behala home.

A team of experts from SSKM Hospital’s Institute of Psychiatry was present when cops interrogated Subhabrata and found his statements incoherent enough to recommend his admission to the Calcutta Pavlov Hospital in Gobra. Subhabrata, cops said, spoke of “pralay (a violent end to the world)” and a “third world war” in between explaining why he wanted to keep his mother’s remains.

Subhabrata recalled in detail how he had initially sent his mother’s body to the Peace Heaven mortuary for a week. He later allowed it to stay there for another week as he arranged for the two giant freezers; the air-conditioners were procured some time later.