Behala Couple Homeless For Being HIV-Infected


Barrackpore: In a tragic incident, an HIV-positive infected couple is not getting any place to stay. Social taboo over HIV still remains. People still believe that it is infectious.

The 35-year-old and 27-year-old husband and wife are facing great difficulty in finding a shelter from themselves. They have been facing a lot of difficulties for last seven years. They are worried over their two-year-old daughter. According to the couple, “Ou daughter also has to listen to so much of insults for us.”

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The problem started seven years back. They used to live in Behala then in their own old house. But problem started when the issue of HIV became public. The locals threw them out of the locality. The police also allegedly escaped by terming it as a personal case.

The couple thought of going away from Behala and building a home. Then they thought
of staying in north Kolkata. They rented a house in Agarpara but against faced the same thing. They had to vacate it following instructions from the landlord. The owner also beat them up when they refused to vacate it.

Informing Khardah police station and the local councillor did not help. The couple said that both suggested them to leave the house.

At present, they are living in a rented house in Sodepur. But still they are worried and hopes that they are not again thrown away like before.