Behala College Union Dissolved Due To Factional Feud


Kolkata: The TMCP-controlled Behala College union was dissolved on Wednesday after a fresh round of faction feud broke out on the campus. This despite education minister Partha Chatterjee on Tuesday warned both the sides that indiscipline at colleges would not be tolerated and that rules could not be bent for students who had been debarred from appearing for the Part-I first-semester exams for not having the required attendance, the main bone of contention.

Principal Sharmila Mitra said, “We decided to dissolve the student union on Wednesday afternoon.” While she did not elaborate, the decision appears to be a direct fallout of the allegation that some members of the student union were extorting money to “allow” students without the required 60% attendance to sit for the exams. But the college union president, Md Aslam Khan, denied the allegation: “There has been no formal complaint. These are allegations voiced by a couple of students. Backed by outsiders, this is an attempt to stoke trouble.”

With college authorities failing to rein in the trouble-makers, cops from the Parnashree police station intervened, after a student was reportedly injured as rival TMCP factions clashed on Wednesday. The police first dispersed the agitating students outside the college gate and then, escorted the women student union members to safety. Later, the college union members stepped out of the college in police presence.

Nearly 200 students have been barred from attending the exams for not having the mandatory 60% attendance. The Part-I practical exams have already started. The principal, however, denied knowledge that TMCP factionalism was the cause of the disruptions. “When they met me, they said they were representing the union. Where is the divide?” she said.