‘Before Kargil War Chinese Army Was Seen On Ground’


New Delhi: A nine pages confidential report made in August, 1998 stated the presence of Chinese army in Kargil. Surindar Singh, commander of 121 infantry brigade. He had been dismissed after disclosing confidential information. Army has deported him after the Kargil war.

Reportedly, the brigadier has informed the local commanding officer on August 25, 1998. The chaotic situation started to get more complex from the next year of the incident which turned into a devastating war. The war was on from May to July 26, 1999. Though army officers didn’t consider the points.

Leftinnt K J Singh said, “presence of Chinese Army is abnormal. if Pakistan do anything China don’t get involved suddenly.” Another officer mentioned that China was diplomatically neutral in Kargil war.

The brigadier stated in the report that, Chenese army was moving forward with cannon. M-198 was with them. And there was alert mentioning a possibility of war. But nobody gave importance to it.