‘Bee’ forces plane to make emergency landing


London: In a bizarre incident, a plane flying from Southampton to Dublin was forced to turn back and made an emergency landing due to the presence of a ‘Bee’.

A Flybe plane with a few dozen passengers travelling from Southampton to Dublin turned back after the pilot of flight BE384 decided to return to the airport following a “suspected technical issue”.

Engineers combing the plane on the ground for the source of the issue got a sting in the tail when they discovered the bee, which did not survive the ordeal.

While back on the ground, the passengers told how the pilot announced the bumblebee’s remains were being removed from the instruments before they could take off again on Friday.

The plane had been in the air for around ten minutes before returning to Southampton, media reports said. Insects can cause serious problems for planes.

In 1996, wasps blocked a pitot tube –- which measures airspeed -– on a Boeing 757 flying from the Dominican Republic. The plane crashed killing all 189 people on board shortly after take-off.

And in 1980, a Florida Commuter Airlines flight with wasps in its pitot tubes crashed in the Atlantic Ocean, killing 34 people.

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