Bedi wishes to contest against Kejriwal


New Delhi: After joining the Aam Admi Party on Thursday, former IPS officer and anti-corruption crusader Kiran Bedi expressed desire to contest the upcoming Vidhan Sabha elections against Arvind Kejriwal, her former colleague in Anna Hazare Team.

Praising Prime minister Narendra Modi, she said, “The constituency selection is always a decision of party. I will go by their decision. If they want me to fight against him, I will do so. Because they know things better than I do. They have not brought me to lose; they have brought me to win.”

Earlier AAP had expressed shock over Kiran Bedi’s decision to Join BJP. An AAP leader had said that it was ‘shocking and sad’ incident.

Bedi and Kejriwal both were part of the core team of social activist Anna Hazare who had spear-headed the movement for the introduction of LokPal bill in the Parliament.

After the movement Kejriwal decided to join politics and formed the Aam Admi Party while KIran Bedi had decided to stay apolitical, though Kejriwal had tried to convince her to join his party.