Becareful of CCTV Cams ‘Everywhere’ !

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This particular photo of a couple seems to be the new talk of the town. Recently on all social network sites, this particular snap went viral like wild fire. In the pic, a guy was spotted having a 'intimate' or 'private' time with a girl and some how it got clicked. Although the faces are deliberately blurred for identity and ethical grounds, such an incident in the public is certainly disgraceful. The photo then spread through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and from the unfortunate scene a photo emerged and quickly went viral, only things are not as they appear.

As their photos reached the surface of different social media, critics are making their move. Comments and opinions are being thrown to the couple.The copy of the photo was uploaded by one netizen and tagged her friends to ask their theories what is the guy's hand doing underneath the girl's bag.According to SocialTrendsPh , In a private message,  she just downloaded and reuploaded the photo after a friend shared it on Facebook.   Teens should be careful of what they were doing in public as there are cameras everywhere.