Be Brave & Bold, Mr. Ramesh


Nikhilesh Roy Chowdhury
Jairam Ramesh signalled again about the leadership change and hinted that Rahul Gandhi would take the Party’s Presidential responsibility soon. With this declaration he also pointed out that the ‘Old Guards’ of the party have to take the back seat onlynikhilesh-da2 as ‘advisers’ to push up the younger generation in forefront.

Mr. Ramesh is a renowned political commentator and his versatile wisdom is beyond any question. In fact, to refurnish and refurbish the Land Amendment Bill draft, his advice gave some breathing space for Narendra Modi’s Government. But in the context of the leadership change of his own party, may be his wishful thinking withers away in hard reality.

The reality is that the very party leadership of Jairam Ramesh has to take a bold decision. Sonia Gandhi and her son must step down from the top echelon and a fresh leadership must take up the rein. May be that jolt would turn into an inspiration for the whole party all over the country. It has to be noted that Madam Sonia Gandhi is a personality with sharp political wit and perseverance. And minus Sonia her son Rahul Gandhi never achieves anything. His dad was a man of innocence and from the beginning of his accidental political appearance was a very much loving one to the people of India. Sorry to say, Rahul neither has that innocence, nor has his mom’s razor’s edge intelligence. And even by heart knowing so many minus factors, leaders like Jairam Ramesh thought that in next general tenure the Congress will throw out Narendra Modi under Rahul Gandhi’s leadership!

Why Jairam and other thoughtful leaders like him could not share the shoulders with one another and take a justified and moral risk for the revival of their beloved century-old party? Why not the Congress could become a self-reliant mass based party with Nehruvian outlook minus Nehru-Gandhi family?