Be Aware, Heavier Fines For Smoking In Public


Jalpaiguri: The next time you are at any places in Jalpaiguri and want to light up a cigarette, be ready to face stricter penalty. Earlier throwing garbage and spitting in Kolkata streets can soon become an expensive affair as the West Bengal Assembly on November 22 passed a bill which proposes to impose fine of minimum Rs 5,000 and maximum Rs 1 lakh on offenders.

Jalpaiguri district health and family welfare department has joined the campaign. On Thursday, public smokers have been warned by them at several areas including Jalpaiguri City Post Office, Jalpaiguri District Sadar Hospital Area, AC College Road, Polytechnic College Road, Engineering College Road, Jalpaiguri Super Specialty Hospital area.

Jalpaiguri District Consultant Ataur Rahman said, “Selling tobacco products anywhere within a hundred yards of the school and college premises is totally illegal.” Also, publicly smoking in public areas is also prohibited. We have imposed a fine on shopkeepers in different areas.

The shopkeepers said that earlier such operations were carried out. But there is no change in the real situation. Under the law, publicly smoking or publicly drug addiction is totally prohibited.

Villagers want such a campaign to be done at night. On the other hand, wall posters were paste on the wall. According to police, operation continued to stop drug addiction. This campaign will run continuously.

In the same year a couple of months ago, similarly the police of Kotwali police station conducted the operation. Several people were fined for publicly smoking. As well as awareness posters are done. Several people were caught with cigarette, bidi.