B’desh School Gives Lessons On Ways To Combat Terrorism


Dhaka: A school in Bangladesh has reportedly begun teaching courses to combat terrorism prior to the beginning of its regular classes.

Madanmohan Academy, a school in the Gopalganj district, has begun training classes to teach students how to fight against terrorism. This comes as a step soon after the terror attack at the Holey Bakery where 22 people were killed, mostly foreighners.

Their daily session begins with regular sessions on Quran and Gita. After this, they sing their national anthem ‘Aamar Sonar Bangla…’ by Rabindranath Tagore. Post this, discussions are held on terrorism where hatred towards it is reflected, and discussions on providing safety to the country. At the end, the head of the school delivers speech on principles, social values and religious practices. At the end of the classes, teachers provide lessons to combat terrorism for five minutes.