B’desh Al-Qaeda Chief Killed In Afghanistan


Kabul: The leadership structure of Ansar al-Islam, al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent’s local proxy, remains hazy as AQIS Wednesday claimed its Bangladesh unit chief died in a suicide operation in Afghanistan as per Dhaka Tribune report.

The Bangladesh-born jihadist, identified as Tariq alias Sohel, was killed in a battle in Kandahar, according to a statement issued by AQIS chief Asim Umar.

The original audio message titled “Verily, the help of Allah is near” was released in different formats on Telegram early Wednesday. It does not mention the date of the incident when Sohel carried out the suicide attack.

“Our beloved brother who made hijrah to Waziristan, after bidding farewell to the sparkles of Dhaka, Tariq Bhai (Sohel), head of Bangladesh Affairs, passed away irrigating the desert of Qandahar [Kandahar] in hopes that the spring of Islamic system [of governance] shall come back to the land of Bangladesh,” Asim Umar said.

AQIS was formed in late 2014 with the declared intention of waging jihad in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. It is headquartered in Pakistan.

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